Thanks for your action and support in 2017!


Together, in 2017 we . . .

. . . Saved $10 million for community schools in the Mayor’s budget.
. . . Hosted six Baltimore teenagers for a summer organizing bootcamp. (Two of the youth continue to work with us!)
. . . Organized to stop the immediate closure of William Pinderhughes Elementary/Middle in Sandtown.
. . . Helped to lead BCIITY (Baltimore Community Intergenerational Initiative for Trauma and Youth) in West Baltimore.
. . . Gathered monthly, trauma-informed peer support groups in McCulloh, Gilmor, and Perkins public housing
. . . Helped pass through the Baltimore City Council a $15 minimum wage in the city. (Mayor Pugh vetoed it.)
. . . Our Quality of Life Committee – bringing together formerly incarcerated men and women and people struggling with addiction – sponsored three community events confronting the drug war as a war on our communities.
. . . Mobilized to fight for our healthcare and against other Trump assaults on our communities, sending our members to national actions and gatherings.

Fight with Communities United in 2018 to win . . .

. . . A $15 minimum wage in Maryland.
. . . Increased Baltimore City investment in community schools and youth by divesting from over policing and incarceration. Learn more here.
. . . Approaches to the overdose crisis that promote harm reduction over criminalization.
. . . Licensing and inspection of 1 and 2 unit rental properties, where half of all Baltimore tenants live, including most low income residents.
. . . Increased power for low-income people throughout Maryland!

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