SB288 is out of committee!

SB288 has been voted out of committee and is headed to the Senate floor! This legislation, introduced by Senator Feldman creates a pilot program for overdose prevention centers in Maryland. Communities United has been working together like the Drug Policy Alliance, the Bridges Coalition, and more to educate legislators on the importance of overdose prevention centers - and it’s paid off!

Now, we need YOU to call your senator and tell them to vote YES on SB288. To find out who your senator is, visit This bill could hit the Senate floor as early as next Tuesday, so call NOW to make sure your senator is voting to protect individuals suffering from addiction in Maryland!


Need a primer on overdose protection centers?

The Drug Policy Alliance gives a technical description.

The Atlantic covered Seattle’s facility.

Vox explains the research behind open safe spaces.


We will be flyering the Senate when it comes to a vote. Sign up here to join!