All Renters Deserve Safe, Fair, and Healthy Homes

A coalition of community advocates including Communities United, Jews United for Justice, Right to Housing Alliance, Baltimore Healthy Start, Public Justice Center and others are working together to make renting safer for all individuals and families in Baltimore City.  53% of homes in Baltimore City are rentals, but Baltimore City law requires annual licensing and inspection only for multi-family properties.  This leaves too many renters on their own in hazardous conditions.

In 2015, the Public Justice Center published the report, Justice Diverted: How Renters are Processed in the Baltimore City Rent Court.  The report concluded that holding landlords accountable to licensing and regulation is a top priority to prevent further human rights abuses.

In April 2017, the Baltimore Sun discovered, “But a yearlong investigation by The Baltimore Sun has found that it [rent court] routinely works against tenants, while in many cases failing to hold landlords accountable when they don’t ensure minimum standards of habitability.”  Click here to read, “Dismissed: Tenants Lose, Landords Win, in Baltimore’s Rent Court.”

Today, Renters United is pushing for a enacting a rental licensing expansion bill that serves public health and tenant protections.  Introduced on January 22nd by Councilman Henry, this legislation makes significant strides to protect renters while holding landlords accountable - but still needs improvements.  To learn more about our recommendations & proposed amendments, click here. 

In the Media

On January 21, 2018 -  “Councilman [Henry] Proposes Licensing, Inspecting, All Residential Rentals in Baltimore,” beginning the path to justice for renters.

On January 22, 2018, the Baltimore Sun's Editorial Board voiced adamant support for this "Step toward safe, affordable housing in Baltimore."

ABC 2 covered Councilman Henry introducing Rental Housing Regulating & Licensing on January 22nd.

But what's the problem?


To get involved with the fight for fair rentals in Baltimore City, contact Tre’ Murphy at 443-648-5568 or