7 Reasons to OPPOSE Governor Hogan's Crime Bill Package!

We oppose: HB 100, SB 199, HB 101, SB197, HB 102, SB 198

1.Mandatory minimum sentences do not deter crime.  According to the Department of Justice's national Institute of Justice, it is the certainty of being caught, not the length of the sentence, that deters crime.

2.Mandatory minimums have repeatedly failed to curb gun violence. A 2013 summary of 29 separate studies show that mandatory minimum sentences do not reduce gun violence.

3.Governor Hogan's plan bars judges from requiring the state to determine the drug and alcohol abuse treatment needs of people who commit violent crimes, preventing their access to proper rehabilitative services and failing to address the root causes of their crimes.

4.Mandatory minimums increase racial disparities. At the federal level, studies show that prosecutors are twice as likely to bring charges carrying mandatory minimums against black defendants as they are against white defendants.

5.Maryland should be investing in more proven methods of crime reduction, like: better community and problem oriented policing and prosecution, victim services, youth gang and crime prevention or better schools and job training programs in communities.

6.The governor's crime package will increase Maryland's prison populations and costs.  Maryland's prison population is already at 100% capacity!

7.Enacting mandatory minimums would go against a nationwide trend of smart reform.  The governor's bills would also be a step back from Maryland's Justice Reinvestment Act of 2016, when the state, backed by credible evidence, repealed many mandatory minimum sentences for low-level offenses.

Fight back with us! E-mail jane@communitiesunite.org or call 410-593-3679.

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