Baltimore Leads Pack in Police Spending Per Resident!

Baltimore spends more per capita on policing than 11 other urban centers around the country – almost 25% more than the next highest city! (Click below to see the full report.)


The report examines the budgets of 12 urban cities and counties. Baltimore was way ahead of the pack in police spending per resident (see list below). At the same time, Baltimore has been leading the nation in murders per capita.

Spending on police per capital  (from Freedom to Thrive)

Baltimore - $772/resident

Orlando - $599/resident

Oakland - $594/resident

NYC - $581/resident

Chicago - $537/resident

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This information is valuable. Why these homicides happening continuously in Baltimore? Obviously, the city has lesser population from New York. Is there any political influence on this? It is a serious matter to discuss. I have heard more such news in past years. Go to to study the history of homicides.
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