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    There are several methods used to help prevent a wood pipe from burning out. The Billiard’s timeless shape has served as a launching pad for many other pipe shapes over the years. For bowls with straight sides, you should tamp gently until the tobacco half fills the bowl. The mouthpiece also has a hidden storage area for your lighter, so you don’t have to dig for it before each session.

    Sherlock Pipe-smoking gives you the rosy-golden opportunity to make friends with your local tobacconist, to learn from his accumulated wisdom on the subject.
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    any whites on the panel? this fr dave eberhardt- 2 years in federal prison- 33 years of work at the Balto City Jail in the criminal INjustice system- i am pessimistic re the criminal justice issues- altho i like the analyses i see- like Incarcerfation Nation and a zillionb books- Piper’s, Michelle’s that repubs and dems are “coming together” for reform? doubtful am writing abt organizing in prison in my memoir (undergoing editing)- talk abt a hopeless proposition- prisoners are individualistic like other amurickans-

    i am not abt sloganeering- i hear too much of it from radicals and not enough shades of grey- we just are not self critical enough- yr panelists won’t b i’d predict

    people are boosteristic- me- i’m basically a poet and a disciplt (of Phil Berrigan’

    anyway- keep up the good work