Demand More From Wells Fargo

Sign the petition to hold Wells Fargo FULLY accountable for predatory lending, upkeep their REOs (homes they own), and market them at fair market value! 

We as Communities United continue to talk with community members throughout the city. Several homeowners are still victims of predatory lending and denial of modifications to their mortgages. Do not be fooled by the recent local settlement reached by the Baltimore City Attorneys and Wells Fargo which you can read about here. This petition is to recharge the fight for homeowners who are still victims of predatory loans and denial of loan modifications.

This petition is to force Wells Fargo to: 

1) Admit to Predatory Lending
2) Agree to a moratorium on foreclosures
3) Provide affordable modifications to keep families in their homes.
4) Upkeep their REOs (homes they own) and market them at fair market value.  
5) Develop transparency around the recent Attorney General (AG) Settlement
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Will you sign?

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