Baltimore City Council Urges General Assembly to Override Governor's Veto of Ex-offender Voting Rights Bill!

With an override vote looming THIS WEEK, the Baltimore City Council UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution on Monday night, January 11 urging the General Assembly to OVERRIDE Governor Hogan's veto of legislation to restoring voting rights to all Marylanders who have been released from prison and are living in our communities! This legislation (SB340/HB980) passed the legislature by significant margins last spring but the governor vetoed it in May.

Today's City Council resolution states:

"In order for our community to move forward, all of its members, even, perhaps especially, those who have made mistakes in the past, must feel that they have a stake in building progress towards a better tomorrow. Denying so many of our neighbors the right to vote makes it much more difficult to engage them in this process. The General Assembly was right to open the door to meaningful participation in our society to all non-incarcerated ex-offenders, and it should complete the process by overriding the Governor’s veto at the earliest opportunity in the 2016 legislative session."

Add your voice! Contact your legislators NOW and urge them to vote to override the veto and enfranchise more than 40,000 Maryland citizens live and work in our communities but cannot vote because of a criminal conviction in their past!

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