About Communities United

Communities United is a grassroots, membership organization of low to moderate income individuals and families in Maryland. Our mission is to organize our communities to build power to win transformative change for social, economic, and environmental justice. In partnership with labor unions, community organizations, faith-based organizations, and many others, we seek to build a movement that deeply transforms the challenges facing Maryland's low and moderate income communities.  


Communities United accomplishments include:

Leading the fight to pass legislation in April 2015 that expands voting rights to all citizens returning to our communities from prison. And overriding the governor's veto of that legislation in February 2016. As of March 10, 2016, if you are OUT OF PRISON, YOU CAN VOTE!

Winning $4 million in increased funding to expand Community Schools and out-of-school time in school year 2015-16. And fighting back proposed cuts of the same money in 2016.

Building community support to win an increase in the minimum wage in 2014 as part of the Raise Maryland Coalition.

Partnering with the Baltimore Urban League in 2013 to release a study that documented race and income disparity in FHA lending, gaining print, web, TV, and radio attention and pushing banks and elected officials to address such injustice.

Connecting community residents throughout Baltimore and our state to make positive change!


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