Renters call for meaningful scrutiny in proposed rental housing law

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Will we see you this week?

There are so many chances to see you this week! Here’s what going on.

Perkins Home Support Group: Join the support group - because everyone needs someone to rely on. The Perkins Home Support Group is meeting this Wednesday, March 14th at 12:30pm. Call Nabeehah at 410-775-6673 for location information.

Meetings with Council members: This week we are meeting with Councilwoman Clark, 14th district, and Councilman Scott, 2nd district, to talk about our Rental Licensing Bill. To learn more about our Renters work, and to sign our petition visit NOTE: We will be having an upcoming action on our renters work and will be calling YOU to come out! Stay tuned.

Door knocking in Sandtown: We will be out recruiting and talking to neighbors in Sandtown this week! Call Nabeehah 410-775-6673 to join - the more the better!

New CRM coming: Our digital organizer is working on a new database to improve all communications!  Our national partner, the Center for Popular Democracy, created a new CRM (constituent relationship manager) that will make it easier to let you know what’s happening! If you haven't been receiving our text updates, contact KC to sign up at


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SB288 is out of committee!

SB288 has been voted out of committee and is headed to the Senate floor! This legislation, introduced by Senator Feldman creates a pilot program for overdose prevention centers in Maryland. Communities United has been working together like the Drug Policy Alliance, the Bridges Coalition, and more to educate legislators on the importance of overdose prevention centers - and it’s paid off!

Now, we need YOU to call your senator and tell them to vote YES on SB288. To find out who your senator is, visit This bill could hit the Senate floor as early as next Tuesday, so call NOW to make sure your senator is voting to protect individuals suffering from addiction in Maryland!


Need a primer on overdose protection centers?

The Drug Policy Alliance gives a technical description.

The Atlantic covered Seattle’s facility.

Vox explains the research behind open safe spaces.


We will be flyering the Senate when it comes to a vote. Sign up here to join!

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Six things we are doing this week:

1. Testifying in support of Senator Feldman's bill, SB288, legislation that will create safe consumption spaces on Wednesday!

2. Attending Baltimore day in Annapolis to promote our #RentersUnited campaign.

3. B-Ciity (Baltimore Community Intergenerational Initiative for trauma and youth) meeting at Enoch Pratt Penn North.

4. Gilmor Homes walking school bus.  Join us at 7am at Presstman & N. Mount!

5. Upton Planning Committee Meeting at 6pm on Thursday.

6. Door-knocking on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday to support our #RentersUnited campaign!

Do you want to get involved this week? Call or text 443-712-8163 or!

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Meet me in the Middle - THIS SATURDAY!

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